Beyoncé shows off her perfect anatomy in a developer dress

The icon Beyoncé is still a great stir in the networks after the release of their new collaboration, fashion with Adidas.

In addition to Jay-Z, the singer Roc Nation appeared at the event, by 2020, a wonderful short dress with a blazer by the designer Francesco Murano, the by their deep v-neck, pointed the lack of support from the famous.

With an undeniable expression of happiness, Bey the post shared the cards with their followers, which quickly accounted for almost 7 million likes on Instagram.

The comments that speak of his perfect body, or the undeniable happiness that in the pictures reflects, ensured their fans for this, they transferred all their love of the artist.

A few hours later, she returned please everyone with this unique photo a sense is-and-red dress that opened up to her hip, making the euphoria and strangers.