Celebrities go to Tik Tok ” at a time in quarantine,

While some may say in the social networks, to mitigate that lack of freedom, the new coronavirus leads to great novels and the literature of the turn of the century, most of the celebrities have dedicated gear snapshots and chaos in the digital world so far dominated by young people.

It is the social network TikTok, a creation of china, in the past year, the most downloaded app in the United States and the seventh most popular decade between 2010 and 2019.

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The first prominent, put this application on the radar of the adults, then be first for the boys, it was Jennifer Lopez to promote your account is opened, the challenges of dance, inspired by the experiments, their choreography before the Super Bowl, and from there I went on Instagram and Facebook.

JLo-although the story this weekend, by this social on the title page with two funny videos of her family during the quarantine in Miami.

Other well-known are gone, if you a little. This social network is not new: around 500 million active users worldwide, of which 41% are between the ages of 16 and 25 years old.

While many of the accounts were inactive, and that you should probably risen in the list of 500 million, made since the beginning to crush the recommendations of the insulation, the curve of new infections by the new coronavirus publications between the famous dramatic.

The artists of the reguetón are currently active. J Balvin took advantage of the release of the cd “colours” last Friday, in order to promote, a challenge, a dance just viralizado between the young people was.

The Puerto Ricans Ozuna and wow … how # made cool videos sing their souls Anuel AA and Karol G were among those videos, audio, Cardi B. of the Berserker with the news of the virus.

The Dominican Natti Natasha also joined this group, which opened your account on March 15, religiously, or two times a day, with the kneading of 2.1 million fans. Others have shown a face that goes far beyond the dance: Daddy Yankee, a video uploaded at the piano.