Come to Katy Perry to walk in quarantine, in spite of their pregnancy – in The social democracy

March 26, 2020

Usa/watch the video -. The pop singer Katy Perry, who recently surprised with the announcement of their pregnancy by their last single, was tapped recently by the paparazzi through the streets of California in full quarantine.

With an advanced pregnancy Katy Perry the luxury of going home was to a supermarket at a gas station in California.

Although the singer tried to go unnoticed with a look of something casual, and he succeeded.

Photo: Web

After the pictures spread through social networks, the interpreter, ‘Roar’ has been repeatedly criticised, not aware of what was going to happen because your pregnancy could endanger.

After photos, Katy Perry a few seconds, took a chat with a group of guys who store outside of the food.

Until such time, Katy Perry no nothing about your exit in full pandemic of Covid-19 mentioned.