Corona virus: isolation, need, films, launches the movement “to Stay at home with the films”

According to the Ministry of health, Brazil, especially in the main cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in cases of transmission in the community of the coronavirus, what happens if it is not identified as the source of the contamination were taken. With this, the country has entered a new phase in the strategy of containment.

Measures of social isolation, young people in and out of the at-risk group includes older people and people with chronic complaints, – decrease in the velocity of circulation of the virus, and thus, the number of patients overwhelm the health system.

“We can’t afford to keep the virus is circulating,” he said on 9. March, live on television, the French minister for health, Mr. Olivier Véran. “But we can prevent a lot of people affect at a time. A picture says more than thousand words”. In his hand he went to the diagram in the sum, also visually, in the global strategy against the new coronavirus: try to flatten the epidemic curve.

Source: El Pais

That’s the goal,” said Véran: “always below saturation, in a way, that the epidemic may be less severe and intense”. Social isolation, prevention, and is in every way more than is necessary.

With this in mind, in the movies, launched the movement of “Stay at home with the movies,” to travel is to encourage people to learn new things, and share news stories without ever leaving the house. Recall that the insulation is a holiday, but it is a time for caution, and that we do not have many predict the actual say, when you are finished. It is necessary, then, is the constant exercise of our emotions, and stimulating for the brain to be bombarded often, of relationships and people-people-of-day-to-day. To do free – post– – it can be detrimental to your health, as well as corona virus.

A solution is in the movie, and all the nuances that laugh at us, cry, feel fear, fall in love and inspire us in a time of crisis. You connect with through the art of dance.

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Among the highlights for March and April of this year, the big hits such as “the Nightjar”, in the back lands of Brazil”, directed by Kleber Mendonça Filho and the starring Sonia Braga; “Rocketman”, is inspired by the life and career of Elton John and the winner for best original song at the Oscars this year, and the X-Men, Phoenix force, the Black with the cast, and starred in Hollywood in a name of weight, such as Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy. For the children, more than 500 children’s films that are available to you. The highlight for Pets: The Secret life of animals, 2, Turma da Mônica: Links, How to Train your Dragon 3, among others.

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