Eminem supported the attack of Chris Brown on Rihanna


Because everything seems to indicate that the audio is filtered, nothing was beautiful, Eminem, and fans of Rihanna are, I can’t be happy (no one in the world, honestly). In 2009, Chris Brown is a terrible way proposed to Rihanna, where, in fact, a stunning photos of the face of the singer were liberated. Chris Brown pleaded guilty and had to pay a judgment, the truth, was minimal in comparison to what he did to Riri.

The case had already been in the past, but now is back to talk about it, because he’s on Reddit (a discussion page, where everyone can participate and upload things), filtered, was an alleged audio, where it turns that Eminem at the side of Chris Brown about the attacks, he made Rihanna.

The clip title is “(SNIPPET) Eminem – Things Get Worse (Rihanna Diss)”– lasts seven seconds, the apparently is part of a song called “Things Get Worse”, where you can hear how she says “”Of course I side with Chris Brown, I’d beat a b – – – – – down too.” (“Of course, I’m with Chris Brown, I would have taken this p–rra”).

This song was recorded in the year 2009, in the same year, the attacks from Chris Brown to Rihanna. What is strange is, of course, that Eminem and Rihanna have worked in various partnerships since then, I feel a “Monster”, one of their most famous songs.



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