Geisy Arruda talks about masturbation, either in isolation, Three times a day

Geisy Arruda is the use of social networks, the drain on Wednesday evening (25), to steam, with his fans about his routine alone in the house. Quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the influencer has said that there comes a day, three times a day.

The artist went on to explain that you need to take medicines during the crisis, the anxiety in the house.

“You are depressed by this… (the coronavirus). I stopped watching tv, because a few days ago I had a crisis of fear, and I had to the medicine. Watch raw started all the time, it, me surtada,” he began Geisy Arruda on Instagram.

In isolation, the sex ended life as a side-to-side. Because of this, she said, for users who were committed to the view that: “it Is a type of: coffee, Breakfast, lunch and dinner, a three-times-a-day,” he said.