Gleici Down, and Paula Sperling discussed on the network: “the shame”

“You don’t have to have sympathy for someone who is a racist,” he wrote in the profits of the CUSTOMERS 18 on the list

The award-winners of the last two editions of the Big Brother Brasil, Gleici Below and Paula Sparrowif the participants in a discussion of social networking on Tuesday evening (the 27th). The problem Gleici post was a complaint about the empathy on your Instagram stories, and the impact of negative comments, and to Paula to give him a nudge in the former sister.

Discuss Paula Sperling and Gleici Down social media.

Discuss Paula Sperling and Gleici Down social media. (Instagram/Playback)

Paula the rant commented on Instagram in the news, and he wrote a textão to say that she was one of the people who judged and attacked for their participation in the reality tv show. After this incident, Gleici Twitter, the charges it seems to disprove that. “You sly, my God,” and “the passing shame,” wrote the strengthening of the two contributions.

Discuss Paula Sperling and Gleici Down social media.

Discuss Paula Sperling and Gleici Down social media. (@Rainhadachernobyl/Instagram)


Then, Gleici went back to the Instagram story, and a comment on the case. She has recorded a new video that they have no empathy for the people who are racist, and they did not repent of their deeds, in reference to Paula’s. In the last edition of the show, which was sister accused of racism, and it has come to be seen by a speech that is not controversial.

“You don’t have to have sympathy for someone who is a racist, that he knows that he is a racist, and that he is no remorse for their actions racist. Not so many people. As if I’m a racist. I may be mistaken, but from my understanding there is no way to have empathy with those who are homophobic. There is no such thing. We need to have the empathy with people, the homophobia in the mix,” he said Gleici. And you have completed one of the following: “If a person has ever been homophobic, ever, was a racist and now if you go, it is different, it is very, very different. And, in fact, are the people who have gone through processes that are painful, in your life, and try it on someone else. But it is also a treatment. These people can also looking for help in this area to improve. I know people who play the sexism, the reproduction of homophobia and are in the process of deconstruction, to realize that,” concluded the ex-CUSTOMERS.

The entire comment by Paula:

It is heart wrenching to see tristinha as well. And to think that you are one of the people who have not thought that words can hurt, and that here, on the other hand you have a person in the most difficult time he saw you in the middle of the crowd, to me, is rubbing the bottom of his feet. You know that I, I turned a lot of for you in a WEEK, and when I out of the house, and you were one of the people that I thought I had, and taught me to be strong and not show my weakness in a video in this way. Be strong!!!!! Accusations about our character and the essence of something we have, never, it hurt, much more than individual words for people who think they are a little action, without knowing the context of the story does. I hope that you have read, you will learn that you do not make the most of the people want them to do to you…. And yet, I admire the person you are, and I’ll tell you a secret… Look around you, the people, love you!!! To smile is to focus on you, for you, it’s not because of you that I am in favour of it, to see that in all situations, you have not earned our attention to you. God watches over us all the time. Follow the fort, its history is much longer than that now.”

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