How did you come back? Oh, and Rihanna and Drake are captured and flirt!

Now they say, where there was fire, ashes remain… And Drake and Rihanna are the Prime example of this, because recently ex-partner was, recorded the exchange of messages on Instagram-Livethis moment was captured on video, thanks to the followers of the two personalities to see which you are yearning, a reunion between them.

And it was the day of yesterday through the night – 25-when the famous DJ Spade live started on Instagram Live for fun and entertainment, the quarantine of his followers, without knowing that this is directly left, the attention of several celebrities, including Diplo, Funk Flex, Drake, and the same Rihanna. To start as soon as Drake said that Rihanna was one of the spectators, hesitated, them messagesbetween which he comments about the brand of the interpreter, Fenty Beauty, as well as their next studio album, ‘R12’, whose publication is not delayed for a year.

Against the obvious attention I was looking for, commenting on Drake with Rihanna, to finish the pendant originally from Barbados, do not hesitate, to their defense, and they began to, you better not be in peace but Rihanna was as good as possible and replied: “someone brings to Drake a glass of water”, which is not speak for the rapper.

Oh, Rihanna is back in the music!

Maybe not, it seems that Drake listen the only one with a desire to, what’s new from Rihanna, so that the interpreter ‘Diamonds‘finally, his first musical production from the year of 2017, revealed the a collaboration with the rapper, party Nextdoor, the with him, he previously worked at ‘Work’, the song, which also features the participation of Drake.

According to what was rapeo announced in social networks, this latest collaboration with Rihanna for the light the night today – 26. –therefore, if you are a loyal fan of the singer, which you should follow, missed the rapper the introduction of this new song.