I, Hattusa Anitta, Happen and the most important make a viral video rolls of paper with a toilet


If there is a way to break out of the isolation, the question remains, how the stars in Brazil to have fun with in the house. A group of popular and well-known in various fields and has produced a video, good-natured jokes with the challenges of toilet paper”. The images were posted on the profile of the Events on Instagram.

They appear in the video in the player, only Problem is you Gkay, all of the singers, the she loves, Sonza and Hattusa Anitta, the instagrammer, I’ve Lived Wanderley, the tv presenter Sabrina Sato, the television presenter, Matheus Mazzafera, the model Alessandra Ambrosio, supermodel Anja Louise and a youtuber Raphael Uccman.

In defiance of toilet paper, the viralizou around the world, the famous and the anonymous, embaixadinhas with toilet paper, an item in high demand at the time of the coronavirus. In the version of the world famous Brazilians, you don’t “shoot” through the editing of the images] and the roll-up for each other, isolated in their homes.