Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian fight, beats in this video

A few weeks ago, the wife of Kanye West suggested that she and one of her sisters had a fight physical in front of the cameras of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, is Kourtney Kardashianwho a few months ago, he no longer wanted to be displayed in this reality show.

In fact, Kourt left the program last year after shooting in the season that is currently ongoing, in order to have more time for his children, or at least that was the official version, the volunteering of your output.

And those who think, in this moment, that Kim exaggerated Kardashian, as he said, he had a great confrontation with your sister, should be published with a view of the progress of promotional next episode, this Tuesday, in which the two celebs get the hands in the middle of a discussion, for reasons unknown.


In the videoless than a minute duration, sand you can Kourtney lanzándole see a bottle of water-Kimwho is sitting on the floor while she screams, no one has given him meaning, in the thing, tried.

The reaction of his sister not long to wait and is in feet, face beat. ‘Return not, until you so to me”, before he warns very seriously, push and prepare seems to and holt, while Kourtney twitches instinctivelyalthough the scene is cut, exactly in this moment.