Kim Kardashian teaches on Instagram, like us the contouring in less than five minutes

Many things there are that know in this life we want to. And to discover all the secrets, one of them was contouring of Kim Kardashian. The Queen of the realities a precursor to the trend bar technique was, by shaped face perfectly, which is the perfect balance of light and shadow. So, it is impossible to speak contouring and don’t think about it, Kim Kardashianalso , because no one does what as it is. But now the median is the “clan” Kardashian has your key, to let us know, than you.

Everything was the fruit of this quarantine is always Instagram in an inexhaustible source of video tutorials of routines, the beauty and make-up by famous. Helen Lindes has taught us, to us, the eyelinerHalle Berry skin care and now Kin to maquillarnos on Instagram-TV. And the best thing of all is that, although it seems to get too complex, the appearance of the skin of Kim, it took not five minutes to the perfect contouring.

In the video Kim the face is washed more make-up with their products of the NPP. Although it is true that, in addition to little time, too many products, just the cream Contour & Highlight needed-Set, specifically for the contouring and brush to extend make-up (Concealer Brush II).

In this case, Kim is has not used, nor is make-up or concealer, just wanted to, the could reduce the effect contouring. First of all, a moisturizer was applied, to enhance the effect of the contouring. Kim has used two tones, one medium and one dark, so as to select the angle of the face. The auxiliary light is used also as a proofreader in the extended state of the shiner and the cheek bones with small strips and then the forehead. After, with the lighter part of the mid tone, mark the two sides of the septum and the nose. The dark side is marked by a line below the cheek bones and draws a line from the temple and the forehead, by the line of the hair. Then, with the same hue brand the jaw, and blurred everything with a brush, goes well with the eye.

Then you wet a beauty blender and mix everything well with the skin, and create an effect of natural. Also the product uses to complete on the brush, the face and give a more uniform appearance. Again, on the other hand, a clear midrange, and now, outlining the lips and gives them a touch of color. With the end of dark, refers to the lower eyelashes and the curve of the eyelid. Then blurred.

With the illuminator brand of the septum and the Cupid’s bow, the lacrimal in the lower row of tabs, such as the edge of the eyebrow. Used the brightness to the shoulders and fractured, afinándolos. Finally, the illuminator on the cheeks is bone, drawing a small strip to the bottom expands and seals everything to remove dust, glare and unnecessary. How does Kim, if you need an additional color that adds a bit of the dark tone (s) in the upper part of the cheekbones and blurred.