Lana del Rey, and Sean Larkin have ended their relationship

UNITED STATES.- Lana del Rey returns to the singleness. Nearly six months after that the singer went out for the first time with Sean Larkin, it seems that the couple has decided to separate.

“At this time, we are only friends”, revealed to Be in a new profile with the New York Times. “We still speak and other things, we just have busy schedules at this time.”

At the same time, the star admitted that they made “things of bride and groom together” during their relationship. So that confirmed that they were more than friends.

According to the presenter, the two crossed paths at work in the city of New York and “just fell down right from the first day.” And despite the state of Wool in the music industry, Sean says that the relationship was pretty normal, with trips to Target, local cafes and more.

“When we were in Tulsa, we’d go out with my friends at the law, and their spouses. All celebrate together the Super Bowl, and dinners and things like that,” he explained to the publication. “Normal things that couples do with their friends.”

For its part, Wool has not given a statement about it.

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