Last hour: Kim Kardashian is heavier

UNITED STATES, California. – The American entrepreneur, Kimberly (Kim) Kardashian, was influenced by be a member of more, how honest and direct the better-known family of the reality tv show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. An example of this is the area that has been California, with more than 148 millions of fans via the official Instagram, where you are just another message that it has ceased to upset his fans.

One of the functions, which is also the wife of rapper Kanye West, was pointing to her private life, this was not always a fairy tale. This time, it was not your disease, of spots on the skinpsoriasis– it demanded all the attention, but a other disease, the to a greater extent in connection with the physical aspect of people suffering from.

“Psoriasis Jogging in the morning”the comment drew all the attention to such stories, Instagram, Kim, would be revealed a little comparison with the secret, that would be the entrepreneur, in season number 17 reality in addition to her sisters. In the first minutes, in which the presentation of the new episodes, the mother of Chicago could suffer from lift-off, an auto-immune disease.

“This family will never fall apart,” says Kris Jenner, mother of female entrepreneurs – at the beginning of the promo video of the entertainment program, in relationship to the message that Kim provides about the suffering lupusa disease, to take also, the award-winning celebrity Selena Gomez.

“You have to think positive until we get the results,” says Jenner, in relation to the comment by Kardashian, who said in tears, “I can feel it in my bones, I feel it’s probably lupus,” he added, in the audio-visual material, while they observed, continued to be, with a couple of medical tests to rule out damage, you can generate the disease in the cells, as he explains the portal MedLine Plus –about the symptoms, and prejudices of the lupus.