Look Never Really Over’, the new video from Katy Perry

Katy Perry she’s finally back-with a new music video for their first single soloist in two years ‘Never Really Over”.

The recording directed by Philippa Price which brings us back to the, what seems to be, a spiritual retreat in a spa surrounded by nature, where the singer is trying to overcome all of your love relationships you are a part of your life and as a process “never ends really”.

The track was co-written by various composers, including: Zedd, Dan Haywood, Leah Haywood, Dagny, Gino Barletta, Michelle Buzz, Jason Gill and Hayley Warner.

About the song, Perry All of our relationships, from first love, said: “by love, failed to love, becomes a part of you, so that none of it ends up really, and if you agree, of the two, the darkness and the light that you can find that the darkness you brought the light”.

‘Never Really Over’ this is the first single Perry, who since the release of his album “Witness” in the year 2017, even if you have not yet revealed the details to your next project-study.