Map 1 and 2 of this Chapter in Fortnite connected together. How could this happen?


If at the Start of season 2, all were thrilled with the new card in Fortnite,which reminds more and more of it, but it was better with the previous Version.

How many people, so many opinions. A part of the player Fortnite is of the opinion that the card is not the best, the other memories back since the end of the 10 season, usually for the first card, and others prefer what we have now. And there is nothing wrong, because in the end everyone has their opinion and preferences.

A player, however, decided a little stir and you create a concept-map, is the connection of what is in Chapter 1, with what we meet on the island today.

The combination of the cards in Fortnite

Such as the appearance of the effect of such an Operation could be? And not so, as you can see below. We have places with the current season and previous. On the map, a volcano that robiłd obra found work again.

Of course, it is only a concept, and summoned immediately a great discussion. Part of the community is of the opinion that клевого would be an event in which everything is a black hole wessane again, and the worlds (chapters 1 and 2)))) is connected.

Or there is something similar at all chances the appearance? Of course, there is. Epic really has the creative Team. The only question is, what are the us plans to make modifications to the map and consider whether the restoration of the old resorts. We will remind, that it would not be so great a novelty, because some of the pages already in the past. But never on the new card.

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So far, in 12 of the season, there were relatively few changes, and they are more cosmetic. Here is a small house, added, there, the platform is destroyed. Still, the struggle of the spirit out of the darkness, the impact on the island.