Miley Cyrus is showing on Instagram, the networks are melting!

Miley Cyrus contributes to the entertainment of his fans by daily direct in Instagram, where was this a big surprise. In the industry of the show-each lot is in quarantine, as you can, but almost all of the artists are more active than ever before in Instagram. In Spain we have seen, with a series of concerts in solidarity, the challenges and the videos almost on a daily basis, but in America, not less. If anything, due to the diversity of the content you provide us in these days. Without going too far these days, we told you how you were, about the quarantine, children Stranger Things.

The singer Miley Cyrus is one of those artists that makes the quarantine daily direct by using Instagram. Since a week a type of program daily from Monday to Friday in the conversation with other well-known via video conference. In the program, by the stars such as Demi Lovato, Rita Ora, or Ellen DeGeneres, where he met his new roommate.

As you can see in the first seconds of the videos, we talk Bow (diminutive of Rainbow, rainbow in English), the dog, Miley Cyrus has adopted during the quarantine. The singer wanted to teach your followers to be your new companion in these difficult times, in which alone, at home can be very difficult.

Another actress and singer has decided-in these days was Selena Gomez, not for climbing, the stories of Daisy, the new member of the family. Gomez has also shown that on more than one occasion that she loves animals and is very happy with her new pet.