More, Hattusa Anitta, and I’m doing this video to show a common, fun -, the union in a quarantine Coronavirus – Latest News

Photo: reproduction/instagram/@more

More the is with the toilet paper roll on the Film with the well-known in quarantine.

The challenge of toilet-paper rolls, in a rage on the social networks. To him, the football player and influence factors in digital games embaixadinhas with a roll of toilet paper.

Now the challenge is to come seems with a new version. In the video, the viralizado on the internet, and those, like me, Hattusa Anitta, More e Sabrina Sato of the roll passes to the others in the video, a community show that we all stand together in the middle of the year.

The video is edited to show the continuity of each of the pass-through of the object divided by the social networks, and More, and the majority of those involved in it. It begins with a kick-off of the problem. The role goes hand-in-hand.

You also have a name as a singer, you Sonza, the model Alessandra Ambrosio, and the influence of Gessica Kayane, at GKay’s, and Matheus Mazzafera.
“The definition of tamo junto”, and wrote More. “From the distance, but they are connected”, has released Hattusa Anitta. “Even from far, close”, has written Sonza.

Source: The Dial Press