Paula Fernandes recalls, tried to commit suicide during the depression

The singer was in front of a bout of depression at the age of 18 years, and opened the game for the time, the Amazing

On Sunday (4), the Awesome he started a painting about depression, so-called, “it’s all hunky-dory, but it is driven” by a Drauzio Varella. And, the show, the doctor who interviewed the singer for Paula Fernandesthat you the talk of the town when it was hit by the disease, at the age of 18 years.

paula-fernandes-depression Paula Fernandes) opened the game on a the great depression

Paula Fernandes) opened the game on a depression in the Fantastic Play, the world)

“I don’t understand it (what is happening). When my depression came to a head – of-0-to-10-and it came in 9. my hair was already fallen, a lot, I’ve lost 7 pounds in the space of time is not very short, because I have to eat,” she said.

Already on Monday (5th), Pat took part in the program The meeting and he went back to talk to you about the subject. It has also been shown, in a different part of the interview, the the air in the had Awesomein which she claims that it came very close to suicide. “I took the window. I wanted to skip it, because I (for the depression). It is as if you don’t see him for a short distance in front of him. You give up on them all. Don’t see the possibility, the prospects of something. He felt that he had been beaten,” she said.

Paula said that, although he was quite willing to deal with the career of an artist, set aside, and the questions of psychological and personal problems. “I lacked a structure for the personal, social, or human, to me…. I was an artist who is very much willing to be an artist, but it spoke to the side of the ‘people’,” he said.

The singer is allegedly saved by his mother, the in the vicinity of the window. “My mother desperately, afraid to make a move and I jump up in the air. She was the one who saved me,” he said to Paula in an interview.

The comments on the video in the The meetingShe found that it was a phrase that her mother said that she rethink everything that was going on and get help,“ she said to me, as it would not take them into account (lose me)would you jump as well. She asked me, appalled: “If you jump, I jump, because I can’t be without you,” he said. High-strung, eh? Fortunately, Paula has sought help, and today, you already know, how they deal with the disease, and it is much better.

It is worth noting that depression and anxiety are considered diseases by the world health organization (World Health organization) as a “poor young people”. Only in the Brazil, you are registered, over 11 thousand cases of suicide per year, according to data released by the Ministry of health for the year 2018. If you have any problems, you feel sad all the time, or don’t see a reason in your life, you should get help, whether it’s with someone that you know, as a psychologist, or with the CVV (center of valuation of life), an organization that works 24 hours and provides assistance for people in crisis of depression and/or thinking about killing themselves. It is possible to come in contact, you get help via phone, by free, the 188, or through the web site, and speak with a representative via live Chat. Talking about it is necessary. You are not alone.