Paula Sperling ‘ s, there is no such thing with the Gleici Below: “unnecessary attacks”

The website, Paula confessed to complain of the attitude of the ex -.

On Wednesday, Paula Sparrow and Gleici Below They exchanged jabs on the Internet. The problem Gleici post was a complaint about the empathy on your Instagram stories, and the impact of negative comments, and to Paula to give him a nudge in the former sister.

It all started when Paula is a textão commented on Instagram for news on who is said to have been tried, and was attacked by a Gleici for his participation in the reality tv show. In turn, a free online dictionary he used Twitter and None to answer you. They wiped the charge with phrases such as “The cunning, my God,” and “the passing shame,” and declared that he has no empathy for the people who are racist.


Right now, today, Paula, decided to speak, the reason why I wanted to post on the Website of the Who. “In fact, I have not written for a Gleici. It would be for everyone to see the content. I solidarizo with the people, and, in the case of this comment, I have done as you have lived in your skin, which it was reported,” he said.

Paula revealed to the publication that it is a part of the Gleici in the course of the The BBB and you felt left in the lurch by his colleagues after the end of the program. “His comments were hard to me. You made the attacks unnecessary for me, and on the social networks. Yesterday, when I saw that you are attacked and don’t know how you deal with the situation, she wanted to support, but it is to be understood my learning process, trying to get you to that you will make mistakes hard, as she stumbled badly,” he argued.

In conclusion, he regretted to have been called to be, an opportunist, and he said: “I’ve Seen that you still have a long journey on the road of life, the coming of age, and because of this only I’ve, regretted it, and not pay”.

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