Peruvian team | Dad of Kevin Quevedo on Nolberto Solano: “What a shame and bad example” Peruvian team

Have you sent a ‘chiquita’ to Nolberto Solano?. The father of Kevin Quevedo showed their discomfort towards people who do not comply with the state of emergency in the country, breaking the curfew that the president, Martin Vizcarra, enacted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the country, the same that has already caused deaths in our land.

“What a shame and bad example. In a state of emergency and curfew”, was the message that the father of national player wrote in his Facebook.

It should be noted that Kevin Quevedo it was separated from the Peruvian Team Sub 23 before the pre-olympic category, which was developed in Colombia. Nolberto Solano, coach of the national team at that time, decided this after some indiscipline that the then player of Alianza Lima he had committed.

Dad Quevedo broke out in social networks. (Capture)
Dad Quevedo broke out in social networks. (Capture)

Punishment to Nolberto Solano for breaching the curfew

Nolberto Solano and Paul Zegarra were arrested , last night, by the police of the district of La Molina for failing to conform to the social isolation required. As detailed on the program ” Magaly TV The Firm’, the member of the technical command of the Peruvian Team was in a meeting, in the house of his neighbor, who did not fail to attend in spite of the recommendations of staying in their home.

“It was a lunch, I don’t want to justify me, but a neighbor invited me to lunch. There were No more than five or six people, so I can corroborate, a party is totally different,” said Nolberto Solano in dialogue with RPP, after being released,


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Christofer Gonzales joined the fever Tik Tok with his wife. (Instagram)