Peruvian team: “they have to come out in Avengers”, Edison Flores and Renato Tapia don’t know who Mia Khalifa and Sasha Grey | VIDEO Selection Peruvian


The players of the Peruvian Team spend the days of quarantine in training or taking advantage of family time; however, some others take advantage of the free time to keep in touch with their followers and use social networks to do this. It is as well as Renato Tapia and Edison Flowers staged a fun live stream where they spoke about everything.

At any given time, the players of the ‘two-tone’ decided to play with his followers to choose one of two alternatives that were showing, one of them was “what Mia Khalifa or Sasha Grey?” to which Edison Flowers responded “Who are these?” and Renato Tapia he said “do Not know the truth, they must be actresses, no? Should come out in Avengers, or one thing like that.”

Look at the video below:

How Mia Khalifa or Sasha Gray? So responded Renato Tapia and Edison Flowers. (Video-Capture)

It should be noted that in this complicated moment that crosses Peru for the spread of the coronavirus, led by Ricardo Gareca added efforts to make a donation to those who need it most, and confirmed him the same ‘Ears’ during the live broadcast.

Coronavirus in Peru

The coronavirus still claiming lives in our country. The Ministry of Health, through a press release on social networks, reported this morning the passing of two new infected patients in such a way that the total number increased to 11.


Christofer Gonzales joined the fever Tik Tok with his wife

Christofer Gonzales joined the fever Tik Tok with his wife. (Instagram)