Rihanna blesses us with new music after three years

Rihanna new new easy
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Just in time to brighten up our quarantine, Rihanna has just released a new single after would not nothing be premiered during three years. The song is called “Believe It” and is a cooperation with Party Nextdoor.

Unfortunately, this simple, not part of the album is, we’ve been waiting for three years, but well, we consider as a small warm-up. The last plate, threw the businesswoman was Anti in 2016 contains hits such as “Work” and “Love on the Brain”. By 2017, just took from other artists such as, if the entrepreneur has, he was a album “Lemon” N. E. R. D, “Selfish” Future , “Wild Thoughts” DJ Khaled and “Loyalty” from Kendrick Lamar.

The single begins with the song “That’s when you believe it”,” she sings. “That’s when you believe it / Believe you want to see me”, almost 40 seconds, which made us think that it is before, during all the song, but not only interventions in the choir.

Advertising for their new collaboration, Rihanna wrote a Tweet, something that not since February. “Believe it!! @party Nextdoor album live!!!”.

As expected, the tweet of Rihanna was achieved thousands of likes and RT’s and replies. While some have been excited with the release of “Believe It”, other, meme, which is to say that she only sang the mimas four words in the whole song.

“”Best make me believe it” echoing in my head for the next three years, until Rihanna wrote to assist us, the other function”, one of his fans.

“Hear Rihanna sing the same 4 words to the new song of the PND”,wrote one of her successors.

In recent years, the singer has already focus, your brand of beauty and underwear Fenty Beauty and Savage x-Code or, However, a few months ago admitted that her new album, R9 it is ready, but refuses to do so.