Rihanna released new song with a party Nextdoor

Have you been waiting for the triumphant return Rihanna for a long time? Today is a good day for you. They were already 4 years that the singer their latest material launched label ‘Anti‘were, in their several hits, such as ‘Work‘song, where the talented Party Nextdoor worked as a composer.

While Rihanna continue to prepare everything for the start your ninth disc for the study, the famous rapper and the singers have once again combine forces to create a cooperation more premiere tonight. We tell you everything we know.

Party Nextdoor has worked very hard in ‘PARTY MOBILE‘the hard drive is brand new. Although available on all digital platforms, in this night, I knew not much about her content or what we would have expected, about his creation.

However, this only shows that the new hard drive, the investment is also a rapper Rihannawith whom he has a song very special. The rumors suggest that the name the track the two have worked together, is ‘Believe It‘.

Party Nextdoor as a result, that list of songs we hear today. ‘PARTY MOBILE‘consists of 15 tracks, with the number 10 on that, where we hear the voice of Rihanna.

Are you ready for your premiere?