Robert Sonza, Neymar Jr, Sabrina Sato, and other famous to help you with the toilet paper, or watch the video


The lawsuit, which was funded by the Robert, I, Sabrina, and co., LTD it shows, in a funny way even with the physical distance caused by a quarantine, in response to the new coronavirus, all of your friends can stay in the vicinity.

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In the video you can also see all the other surfaces are well known, and they have a female singer Hattusa Anitta, Maisa Silva, Matheus Mazzafera , George Uccman, Gessica Kayane, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lived Wanderley, and After the chain has an excellent reputation.

It is a new roll of toilet paper goes from one to the other and you can interact in different ways with them, whether it is to help each other, or even of a flash are taken from a subject. We have been able to attend the video below for you to look at:

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