Selena Gomez reveals why wrote ‘lose you to love me’ by Justin Bieber

However, this has not prevented the Sel button, you will open your heart to your fans and explained to them the true reasons, why you wrote ‘Loose you to love me’ (in English means: ‘I lost You to love me’).


‘Wrote this song a year ago… Obviously it is very emotional. it is interesting to see how far I’ve come since then until now. Share my story is exactly what I’ve always done. I can’t say I can’t I argue about somethingif it is obvious that had experienced already that is why’, said the actress to advertise in a recent interview with Radio Disney that the musical theme is the result of the strong emotions I experienced was after Justin prompted, and to marry, Haileyonly a few months after the end of your relationship with Selena.

‘I decepcionaste and now it seems to be so,in two months, we have reemplazaste, as it would be so easy…‘she claims the former star of Disney, who was his first love, in the lyrics of the song.

But another of the main reasons why this celeb decided to write this song and honestly about your feelings is to delight their fans and motivated to continue.