Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner make large donations, The Siglo de Torreon

Taylor Swift is marked by generosity, because you, if you happen to be tragedies like that of Tennessee, the tornado, the singer helps the affected before the pandemic COVID-19, with yourself, support your followers that you have shared, by your social networks in economic difficulties.

One of the beneficiaries, Samantha Jacobson, said: “I had no job, no income, no other option had to pay my bills,” she wrote in her account with Tumblr, the 24-year-old woman showed to People that had the donation Swift, he remained without words.

“I could not believe that someone to be admired and I loved and respected, during this time have increased, with so much generosity,” he said.

The also call used actress, your social networks, your followers, to save the quarantine do not leave their houses, because she expressed that she has seen, the people on the street and participate in a meeting of friends. Also has asked, that those who have the chance to help others: “The world health organization (WHO) and Feeding America are just a few of the organizations for which I donate. If you have the ability to do this, you accompany me to donate, during this crisis,” wrote Taylor on her Instagram histories.


For his part, entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner, donated a million dollars to purchase for the hospitals in Los Angeles, a medical material. While the singer Rihanna Trending Topic was after you announced the donation of 5 million dollars for the fight against the COVID-19. A lot of that donated in addition to the 700 billion dollars already, to breath, to buy protection devices for the sick. Rihanna made the donation through the Foundation, ” Clara Lionel, he’s in the year 2012