Taylor Swift surprised some of her fans with donations of money | music | entertainment

Taylor Swift helps fill the gap in the income of the various fans. Some thousands of dollars, which is the Creator of hits such as have a get Lover and 1989.

A fan, Holly Turner, received an injection of cash from Swift, after a photographer and a graphic designer separate letter on Tumblr, which was threatening their livelihood, and he is considering to leave the city of New York.

Swift sent him $ 3,000 and wrote: “Holly, you always were there for me. I would like to be there for you. I hope this helps. Love, Taylor”

Turner was understandably surprised way. Swift “ – literally, without the help of others, was my ability to stay here. I can’t believe what I was living now,” wrote Turner.

Swift also sent $ 3,000 to other fanatics, was stressed, collecting of bills, which by this answer, grateful recipient: “These beautiful people magically amazing. I don’t even know, to thank where do I start”.

The personal donation from Swift to react to worry more bearable, the quarantine and slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

Swift is also part of Academy of Country musicthe announced that a list of stars that have this kind of music, take part in a special “country” in the house is on the chain CBS on 5.april.

Shania Twain, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and Eric Church are among the 23 artists, presented in the “ACM Presents: Our Country”. (I)