The secret of Kim Kardashian, to train, right

Socialite has a large physical, the product of a healthy exercise routine

The secret of Kim Kardashian, to train, right

Kim Kardashian.

ANGELA WEISS / AFP / Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is a favorite of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, the socialite has always bragged to stay an enviable body and healthy. But what is his secret? Here you can have a revelation that he a while ago.

In addition to your coach, Melissa Alcantarathe entrepreneur has the common time in the gym and exercise routines. A trainer takes care of him the best routines, buttocks, and legs you keep radiant and beautiful. And she is so proud of their social networks.

The secret is, periods of rest enough to recover the body and to relax in physical activity. In a publication that he and Kim in the past year said that they are no more weights to lift a couple of weeks every six months.

It is sure that nothing in excess is good, and Kim knows that. The socialite has the good fortune of time to rest and recover, perhaps in these times where not trained so intensively can a place for your beauty treatments should be done at midnight.