The struggle of the father of Beyoncé against breast cancer (and how rare is this disease in men)

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Mathew Knowles has said that now “appreciates the world in a different way”.

“All the things I could to make you sick, why it had to?”.

The American, Mathew Knowles, the father of singer Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, to their surprise and frustration described, if you have a cancer of the breast.

The producer, the 67-year-old said this week in an interview in the tv show Good Morning America the now “very good”, after an operation in July.

  • “I never would have thought that the people were susceptible to breast cancer”

Knowles, known in the music industry as responsible for throwing the fame of Beyoncé after the success of the grouping destiny’s Child, said a doctor visited to be carried out at the beginning of this year, a mammogram, since he was a couple of small spots of blood again and again his t-shirt and bed linen.

Breast cancer is a disease to be rare, talking in the men and, as a result, many of them feel ashamed and refuse to the disease in public.

“The key lies in early detection”

The Executive and public speaker admitted that he thought: “why me?” know, had this condition, told Michael Strahan, interviewer of the program.

Knowles, of the after the separation from destiny’s Child in 2006, he worked as a manager the solo career of Beyoncé until 2011, it was also recognized during the meeting, the should after the operation be “very conscious and aware” for the rest of your life.

“Now I have the world’s treasures in a different way,” he said. “Things are no longer important once for me,” he added.

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Until 2011, Mathew Knowles, the manager of the solo career of Beyonce was.

The Americans left in 2011, the mother of Beyoncé and Solange, Tina, and since then, she has two more children with his second wife, Gena.

He was on his children and his exesposa those who called first, to give you the news told in the interview, which was broadcast on Wednesday the TV channel ABC.

“My wife, Henna, as I knew it,” he explained.

Knowles also said a dialogue on awareness and early detection, whether a man or a woman want to define “. The key to early detection is“.

“I, the people need your stories, if you have had breast cancer, he added.

  • The innovative technology under the water, which helps in the detection of breast cancer (and is not as invasive as mammography)
  • “I tried to cut the breast, I myself” suffered the moving testimony of a man, breast cancer

“I need you, the others say, if you have the disease, so that we have the right numbers and better research.

“The men want to keep this hidden because we are ashamed, and there is no reason for it,” he said.

Breast cancer in men

The cases of breast cancer, the male are rare and usually occur in men over the age of 60 years.

The prognosis for men varies according to the degree of spread of the disease when diagnosed.

The signs of breast cancer in men may include a lump in the breast, the nipple collected inside and fluid the buds of the nipple.

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The abundance of breast tissue can increase the chances of breast cancer.

The exact cause of breast cancer is not known, but they will have identified risk factors that increase the probability of of padecerlo.

For example, one of them the genes and the family history of carrier of the faulty versions of the genes BRCA1 or BRCA2 are.

A further factor diseases or conditions, which increases the level of estrogen in the blood such as obesity, Klinefelter’s syndrome and cirrhosis of the liver, as well as the use of radiation therapy in the area of the pectoralis.

And although it is not certain, it can reduce the risk of cancer, Yes, there are strategies can help prevention.

This includes maintaining a balanced diet, you will lose weight if you are overweight, and avoid too much alcohol.

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