The teacher uses Fortnite for the teaching of mathematics at the time of the quarantine

The current Situation in the world has meant that many people have the teachings, with the help of various platforms for video conferencing, or even Discorda.

Some of the teachers during the quarantine, a different kind of learning. Instead of the normal lessons, on which many people just do something else, as the learning of this special teacher came up with the idea, with Fortnite.

In accordance with the idea, the students are given specific tasks to run on a specially prepared island in creative mode.

Training in Fortnite

Probably not, it is incredibly a common way for the science, and even now, at least in Minecraft special training programs for students who need to master the characters, numbers, letters, etc., Is particularly interesting for young people. How it looks in practice?

My Awesome Principal gave me the “fine” is the use of Fortnite as a learning tool while students are stuck at home. Here is a tutorial video I just sent to my students and their parents for our first lesson. Students will get to participate tomorrow! from FortNiteBR

Training in Fortnite on the island of creative. It is certainly interesting. The first Tests already today. We are excited to see how uczniowskie react in such a way the study of mathematics.

Young students still need permission from the parents to the Installation of Fortnite. Most likely it will be a most interesting feast, the children ask their parents.

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