The unexpected activity of Shakira during the quarantine

Shakira it is not the-star hotel, offers concerts from the comfort of your own home during the quarantine, on the contrary, they surprised us with the activity you have chosen to spend these days.

First, through their social networks, the Colombian to stay with the recommendation to home to curb the pandemic COVID-19. “Many countries are not listening to the recommendations of health authorities, or act too late, or the primacy of the economic over the health, said the well-being of citizens”, Shak-in-one video-sharing via social networks.

He continued: “in my experience, life in Europe, we have shown that the virus is faster, and our leaders are much too slow. All countries need to work together, jointly with the world health organization, in a coordinated plan, and international”.

Recently, the initiative praised by your partner Puigwith whom his scents takes and sells part of its production to gel antibacterial

But what Shakira is investing in these days of social isolation?

Check it out in the video and let like we do.