Update 12.30 in Fortnite already been tested. Skin Buza-fight -double-pistols-and первоапрельский

Leakerzy reports that on the servers Fortnite test already had a Update, labeled 12.30 PM.

This week in Fortnite Update was labeled 12.21. Contained relatively little change, because I found only problems, Oro and leather.

Now in the files left in the next Update, which is probably as early as next week. It is a normal and a large Patch. What do you expect?

Update 12.30 in Fortnite

The next Update will be significant. In connection with this Standard, we should:

  • Skins
  • Zbieraki
  • Backpacks
  • Parachute
  • Smileys
  • Boot Screens

This is a Standard sentence that appears in every major Update. Of course this is not all. In addition, the repair of errors to be expected. Epic Games takes you to their page on Trello, by exactly what and when repaired.

Basic errors, the Battle Royale is, of course, self-promotion, sometimes just does not work, and the harpoon. At the Moment there is no information about lagach, that pingu. It is known that there is a Problem with niewyświetlaniem tournaments.

Moreover, it is probably new style Buza-fight, and the possibility of a choice of Skins in the Bus menu. We will remind that on 3. April to game skin Deadpoola is already in full.


In addition, in the files of the game there are new weapons, so pistols Deadpoola. Probably a modified weapon, the dual pistols. We will remind also that on 1. April, by the way, the day of laughter. Maybe Epic has prepared something fun for the player. So far, no information about it, however.

When a new Update appears in the game? Probably next Tuesday, although this has not been confirmed.