VIDEO | BTS exceeds that of Taylor Swift on YouTube with her song “ON”, a song from his album “Map of the Soul: 7”

The Association of South Korea BTS started with the song “ON”, in your YouTube account, and after five hours of publication he got more than 21 million views. The singer Taylor Swift also her song “The Man”, uploaded eight hours ago, however is located on the back with less than 4 million reproductions.

Only 65 minutes needed for the theme, the band, k-pop ─trend number one on the platform YouTube─ over 10 million views. This broke the record tax, the of the own group with Halsey and the subject of “Boy With Luv” by 2019. In this case, it took to overcome two hours 52 minutes, the millions of replicas.

Both BTS as Taylor Swift trending topic on Twitter. However, the cast of “ON” is cristiano ronaldo of manchester united number one. The video clip tells the seven members plays in a medieval time and the song, how people can Excel despite the odds.

On the other hand, in “The Man”, the singer is on her perspective of how men have an easier life. In addition, she looks like a man and the male society from their point of view.


The artists made a presentation of their latest album,”Map of the Soul:7,“the premiere on November 21. In addition, BTS, a Deposit of 30 seconds “On, it was the TikTok”the main theme of the album, the Australian singer Sia.

The album is a continuation on the theme of the EP “Map of the Soul “Person” and also draws in the concepts of the analytical psychology of c. g. Jung.


The band k-pop BTS has become a phenomenon in recent years, in a global and has managed to crown art pieces, as always in the first group, the non-native English speakers the list of the U.S. Billboard charts.

“Map of the Soul: 7” sold prematurely 4.02 million copies. Given these figures, many believe, could at the end of the best-selling album in the year 2020.