[Vídeo] I hear, Icardi, highlight the three, and the FRENCH southern and

I and the Mbappé, the attackers in the paris saint-germain FC

I and the Mbappé, the attackers in the paris saint-germain FCPhoto: Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP

The Paris Saint-Germain defeated as Saint-Etienne for the 6×1, on Wednesday (8) at the Parc des Princes, and advanced to the semi-finals of the League Cup France. I was in the area and has set itself the objective of reporting, while the Moulin rouge (own), Icardi (three times), and the Mbappé complete the sum for the final result. Cabaye scored.

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The number of goals he had in the early-to-two minutes from time when Icardi got from Meunier, and stepped over the meadow to the mid-term. And you have the advantage that you can see on the scoreboard was also in the field is a numeric value, after the expulsion of the 31 minutes.

The way to defeat it was a much more peaceful experience for paris saint-germain FC after the Saint-Etienne-got a job with 10 men. This is the reason why, at the age of 39 minutes, I stepped in for Di Maria, and with class and composure, passed the goalkeeper in the Louvre.

In summary, the defenders of the goal in Saint-Etienne, not live in the good night’s sleep. In the 44 minute of the first half, the paris saint-germain FC a great move down the left saw the ball hit the defender on the opposing team and the goalie, the Louvre, before he finds the net.

As an example of what happens in the beginning of the game, the second half started with the intensity of the peak group. Even with the advantage, won in the first 45 minutes, the home team immediately won the ball, with Di Maria, who Mbappé has thrown. The number 7 dribbled past the keeper and put the ball to Icardi, points.

The double-Mbappé-Icardi came back to Shine in just a few minutes later, at the age of 12 years. The Frenchman has the ball at speed, and with a single, then you have found the Argentine, who pushed the ball into the goal. In the end, on 22 minutes, came back Icardi received the beautiful, the release of Di Maria and served as Mbappé, for the sixth time.

The city of Saint-Etienne, in the vicinity of the end. After Di Maria is a penalty committed, Cabaye had missed the penalty kick and made it easier for the defense to the goalie of the Rich, the paris saint-germain FC. Cabaye, however, and took the rebound and headed home to slow down the ball. There was still time to Cavani, a target, as Mbappé, was offside and was part of the offer.