Video: Kim Kardashian grabs strokes her big sister Kourtney

Kim Kardashian was to her no matter the camera for the first time and grabbed strokes her big sister Kourtney Kardashian, after the discussion, a topic that none of the two conventions, to rings so that both started, and then stop on beats.

In the video a part of your reality show, you can see, to disturb, such as Kim, because apparently Kourtney and I’ll have you marks a blow to what the wife of Kanye West was up, while Khloé, the little one tries to separate, but it is inevitable.

For his part, Kendall Jenner, her half-sister is to see a stop to, such as the socialites to feast on blows, because she had apparently never seen a scene like that.

While both the users of the Internet have made all kinds of comments and referred to the same quarantine, which the Guild prior to the coronavirus, but apparently more time is the recording had.

It is noteworthy that Kim was removed from exploited a few days ago and everything ask your fans via your social networks that you intend to buy your beauty products while you are at home, because he argued that what is collected is, would be destined to be the coronavirus though many have not believed what they told him everything the entrepreneur.

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