Warzone defies Fortnite’SARS and PUBG

Three years ago, the Format of battle royale Hit stormed games in the world of computers, convince the millions of players and the creation of a force of Epic Games. From the funds Fortnite earned, Epic was able to have a Shop konkurujący with steam. The game from this Studio for a while also brought record-breaking award for the tournament esportowy. And in the market in addition to Fortnite, but there was a space for a few other titles, each of which deserves mikrotransakcjach. No wonder, then, that Activision pokusiło on its bottom.

Call of Duty: Warzone drops on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be always ready to Download free of charge. Apart from the lack of a Deposit, the game has also by the size – to participate in it even to 150 players, from which – in accordance with the extension of battle royale – which ultimately is a survival only.

Want stresses Hershey with Round Hill Investments, that most threaten Warzone and Apex are PUBGthe to Fortnite, in contrast, are characterized by the old base of players. CoD has the goal, especially right in this group, during the game, Fortnite addressed with multi-colored graphics and less violent aspects, rather for the younger ones.

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