Welcome to the jungle #03: Lana del Rey


Welcome to the jungle #03: Lana del Rey

by Rock.com.ar

Third episode of Welcome to the jungle Lollapalooza Argentina 2020, which is dedicated to Lana del Rey.

Elizabeth Grant, the real name of Lana del Rey, released their sixth album, “Norman Fucking Rockwell” and arrived at the top of the rankings in several countries, including the united States, Great Britain and, of course, Argentina.

He was born in New York and had an artistic growth over that fast. At 18 he was already singing in clubs of his city; at 20 he signed his first record contract, at 21, she was already an alcoholic and at 23 he released his first studio album.

“Born To Die” topped the list of the United Kingdom and was second in the united States. His next work was the EP “Paradise”, which was nominated at the Grammy. With his third album, “Ultraviolence”, reached number one in the united States, something that was repeated also with the fifth release, “Lust for Life”.

The tracks that we highlight for this episode are “Young and beautiful”, “Mariners apartment complex”, “Video games”, “Lust for life” and “Doin’ time”.

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