“You miserable servant!”. Jennifer Lopez burns down Usa. And that is the reason

27. March 2020
(14:29 CET)

Jennifer Lopez hardly has any of the coronavirus talked since the pandemic began around the world. Not even has shown, how one lives his fans giving birth.

A detail that attracts attention and many of his followers. Especially when you consider that JLo it has its origins in the neighbourhood Bronx of New Yorkone of the cities hardest hit by the infection.

The numbers grow in the American city, and concentrated the largest number of positive cases, which led to USA to be the country with the most infected patients.

So it is in the JLo in quarantine,

Part, many showed their indignation in the network. Especially when you consider that the maximum, has shown, what even from day to day, a video has appeared in your child, by you was it the large garden at his country estate, in itself a refreshing dip in the pool.

The rest of the post, you have uploaded the singers were pictures and videos of the past. For example, documents that lights up in the famous dress Versace Jungle dressor some of their concerts.

If it is true that Jennifer try to entertain your fans by proposing challenges, but the activity of the new York limited these days.

Rain sticks, Jennifer Lopez

A time in which it is necessary that the celebrities you give the face to his fans and his neighbours, but apparently Jennifer viva foreign everything. “Misery“Only you think in you,” “What a shame of new york” or “Unhappy” are just a few of the comments dedicated to him.

In fact, his supporters point to the fact that neither New Yorkbut would be gone Los Angeleswhere would be the villa that appears in the video in the post. “The rats are always the first to leave the ship,” writes a supporter outraged.