Beyoncé leads your children an honest important lesson in ‘Bigger’ –


Two weeks ago, Beyoncé’s The Lion King: The Gift‘, an album with afro-pop with the remake of the movie Disney as an alibi published ‘– that Beyoncé leads and the main role plays in front of numerous invited artists, including both the star as well as her husband Jay-Z, Other Mafia, Kendrick Lamar, or Pharrell as well as a great selection of young African artists, the first and foremost Nigerians and Ghanaians. For us, your song most amazing thing was not ‘Spirit’, the ballad, the work stopped and turned, as expected, but ‘Bigger’, the first song of the disc after an intro with the voice of James Earl Jones as Mufasa in this new version of the popular movie animation.

As we explained in the critique, one of the big hits of this pseudo-soundtrack that it was not so, as Beyoncé entrelazaba your personal situation with the context of the plot of the film, in addition to an ode to the natural riches of the African continent, speaks on ” ok ” the relentless life-and-death, and trivia of the two. In this sense, the medium of time, ‘Bigger’ is to neglect a powerful exercise, the lyricism in the Mrs. Carter turns without scruples their own child, Blue Ivy will be as a guest star in the disk, and the twins, Rumi and, Sir, to give you an important lesson, which was similar to the lion king to his son Simba, summarized in his opening verses: “If you think, you prefer to be on a different time / to be Better awake, because you’re part of something, the bigger / Not a speck in the universe / is Not a few words of the living word in a verse in the Bible / you / you’re a part of something bigger / bigger than you, bigger than / larger than the photo we have framed / But now we see it is not a secret.”

With this premise, Bey tried to see their offspring (and all other) the power of the collective, of knowledge, they feel and suffer as we do. Even more good, when you move the focus to the personal and fragile and honest, as never before,” she admits your children, how hard it is to be a mother (“I can’t free day”, repeated twice, deliberately; “really, I’m sorry, I can tell you, twice”) and a woman (“it’s still very hard, I try it but I promised you that you would fight, so I fight”, says Blue Ivy, reveals, the old resquemor led her to write and publish ‘Lemonade‘ was not switched off from it all). Entrusted to the sounds, when he speaks of love as “a water”, that is, pour it on your children, for you to pull them back over you, and determine how the roots of the tree are, there you are. “You have my blood,” she says in a moment, “and you will lift”.

This message is so emotionally Packed into a song that can boast of a great subtlety in their development, committed by the own Beyoncé (acts as a co-producer on every song on the disc) and his faithful musician Derek Dixie, with the work of ‘Beyonce‘: barely a couple of keyboards, the songs, the van involving delicate arrangements of guitar and choirs with female, while Bey collided, their verses with great agility. Thus, a large part of the songs, the moves, the sound when he the bridge and break a few ropes and a couple of drum kits that are included, along with the voice of the British woman Rachel Keen, SCRATCHES, between the co-authors of the songs. Your outro, with a hammond organ and echoes accompanied, again, by Queen-B, while re-intervention in this “we’ re part of something way bigger,” closes the circle, so untouchable.

The importance of the ‘Bigger’ at all levels, also shows the fact that the official video of ‘Spirit’ has been extended with an extended version later. Him, with an aesthetic similar to that we see Beyoncé again, great, even more stunning scenery, this time, some of the plans for his own daughter, Blue Ivy accompanied, which emphasizes the symbolism of the song and the Parallels to the film. Only that in this case, the Mr, the “lionesses”.