Dua Lipa, a debut-album, “Future nostalgia,” The music Journal Brazil

One of the albums of the most anticipated of the year Future Nostalgia the singer Dua Lipareaches the digital platform for the Warner Music this Friday (27.). The project is the second in the career of the artist, it brings success You can’t Start Now the hit View the only Break My Heartlaunched this week, to warm up for the arrival of the album.

Dua Lipa, a debut-album

Future Nostalgia there are four special editions will be tape: a vinyl-neon-pink; hard cover; CD -, -, gray -, and a box-deluxe with vinyl the music-book, a poster, and a signed letter from singer – for the moment, only a CD version is planned for the United States.

For the singer it was when it was the time in which it was discovered that it was time to try a new project: “I had a gig at a radio station in Las Vegas (United States), and I went for a walk just to clear your mind, and while I was walking, I heard on OutKast, and no doubt, and I thought, ‘what is the special feature of these albums that I love, and I feel so connected with them? Why do I feel like you don’t age? And how can I install the feeling of nostalgia of my memories and inspiration from the favorite of the children, something new and modern?'”he told the artist.

Dua Lipa, a debut-album

The singer took the opportunity to publish this Version, the dates are scheduled by the band In Europe and The United Kingdomall of January 2021. The concerts will pass through eight countries, and the new previews are on the way.

You Will Hear Future Nostalgia: