Fans of Lana del Rey broke into the networks against the Grammy awards

The artist was defeated in their nominations for the phenomenon Billie Eilish.

Lana del Rey returned to leave the most important night of music with the hands empty. In several opportunities, the Grammy awards dodged the acclaimed american singer 34-year-old, who has a huge and loyal legion of fans who are still unbelievers by the fact that his ídola has been on the retreat again in the prestigious awards.

In 2014, Lana received her first nomination and won. “Summertime Sadness”, one of their singles most recognized of his career, he was recognized as the best recording of that year. In this 2020, the artist was ternate to best album of the year for “Norman F***ing Rockwell” and for best song, in honor of the theme that gives title to their latest album.

On both occasions, Billie Eilish stayed with the awards they aspired to Lana del Rey. Many of their fans in the nets broke out against the Academy of Recording delivers the Grammy awards, ensuring that the work record that he pulled out his favorite singer late last year is a masterpiece and the best of his extensive career.

Billie Eilish went home with five Grammys. The artist of only 18 years was the maximum protagonist of the night that celebrates the exponents and accomplishments highlights of the last season. In addition to the above awards, Eilish stayed with the award for best new artist, best pop vocal album, best song and best recording of the year for “Bad Guy”.

“Norman F***ing Rockwell” was the sixth studio album of Lana del Rey, who far from being discouraged by running out of the recognition of the Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Recording, is already preparing his next album, which will be titled “White Hot Forever”, of which The King assured that it will be presented at the end of this 2020.