Katy Perry deletes song with Kanye West, as a sign of support of Taylor Swift

Katy Perry has caused grimm in the social networks, then, that his faithful fans, announced that the famous singer had deleted their cooperation with Kanye West an important list Spotify as a sign of their support Taylor Swift due to the scandal caused, until a few days ago.

In spite of years Taylor Swift and Katy Perry a stage for the rivalries more controversy from the music industry is a fierce music-videos, the you dominated the charts, we are talking about Swish Swish, and Bad Blood.

But this feud is over, and the two celebrities have shown that among them there is a great friendship, we check, if Katy Perry appeared on the video of You Need To Calm Down Taylor Swift embraces, while they are masked burger and fries.

Katy Perry deletes song with Kanye West, as a sign of support of Taylor Swift.

Katy Perry shows her support for Taylor Swift

In the last few days, Taylor Swift has become the trend of the social networks, then, that Kim Kardashian reviviera scandal that the singer starred with her husband Kanye West, who offended you in their song, ” Famous, and although the rapper said, you need a permission from her to do this, four years later, he knew, that it is not true.

For this reason, and as a global trend with the hashtag #Kanye West Isover party, Katy Perry, remained with folded hands and removed the playlist “This Is Katy Perry’s” Spotify, the song E. T, the cooperation was carried out with the rapper in the year 2012, the year she released her album ” Teenage Dream: the Complete Confection.

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The message was made known through a Twitter account dedicated to Katy Perry, who pointed out that the reason why the singer decided to take a look at their collaboration with Kanye West to this important list to Spotify was easy to show him that his support of Taylor Swift.

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