Oh, the drama between Taylor Swift and Amy Poehler!

Everything points to the fact that the interpreter ‘Bad Blood’ and the actress ‘Mean Girls’, Taylor Swift and Amy Poehler, were set aside drama and sibling rivalry, even, one speaks of a reconciliation between these two personalities, because they Globe both lucieron pretty comfortable during the 77° delivery Golden.

During your stay at the Beverly Hilton hotel in California these two personalities were present, the officer and deliver the award for best animated film, a category in which he proved to be a winner ‘Mr. Link’, band with more low-budget compared with the rest of the nominees.

After Taylor and Amy left the stage at the Golden globes, the followers of this began, for a reconciliation after the great controversy that arose seven years ago,, nothing more and nothing less than the 70° edition of the prelude to the Academy awards.

The origin of the controversy

The reason why there was friction between these two personalities, due to the comments of the actress at the ceremony of the Golden globes, number 70, in which he while he nominated a category in which the singer for the best original song, this began was to Taylor as ‘hunting men’, of the entire audience.

According to these reviews, the interpreter ‘Blank Space’ only replied with a “It is a special place in hell for women who don’t you show your support for other women”. While the actress gave to the discussion with the following words “Aww, I don’t feel bad, because you disturbed you. I’m a feminist and you’re a talented boy. Having said that, I agree with you, I’m going to go to hell, but not for these reasons.”

There is no doubt that, in spite of the great scandal at the time was, things between Swift and Poehler have taken a new direction, and since it is not in competition with no one.