Quarantine: Geisy Arruda suggests, this game is a spicy marriage

Home alone and in need, Geisy Arruda, miss the sex and come to a conclusion, the curious, on the night of last Thursday (the 26th). According to her, only married couples have sex over the years. On his Instagram, with the strengthening of an image with a white wash released, and it gave you an idea of the game is to lure to its followers, who are married.

Photo: Reproduction

“Let the boy play a video game in peace, and then you are ready to walk, put on your lingerie, the most beautiful, and trying to piece together an the winner is, who has to take off first. You use the quarantine to remind you that her husband just as delicious(a). Enjoy. The game turned around! Only those who are married, have sex, now!” took it.

In an interview in the past with their followers Geisy has already commented, the feeling of lack of sex during their isolation.”When I was finished… My God, what a good time. Not for me, these are the questions that I’m depressed, a lot of time,” he said.