Rihanna new song after three years, and disappointed many of his followers

The topic with the title ‘Believe It’ part of the new album of the rapper, party Nextdoor.

After three years, the singer known as Rihanna is announcing a new song recorded in collaboration with rapper canadian party Nextdoor.

This 27 March, Rihanna posted on Instagram a small section of a topic with the title “Believe It”, which is part of the new album, the rapper canadian. It is the the first song with the voice of Rihanna, which, since november of 2017, when the light saw that the theme of ‘Lemon’ by the band N. E. R. D., in also, you was the honor guest at.

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In this new single, the singer-known only repeat chorus,, that says something like: “Evil, that I created it, that you don’t believe me, that are deceiving me.”

The opinion of your fans

For this reason, while some of his fans have happy by re-listening to the voice of Rihanna has a new song has seen, have, other, frustrated expected in his yearssince they longed for their idol something more than just a verse.

“Like Rihanna I did have to wait three years through these voices in the background?”, criticized a user of Twitter. “When, finally, we get a chunk out of Rihanna and she just repeats the same damn 5 words in the ‘Believe It’ with a party Nextdoor”, comments other users of the Internet. “Best let me believe that reverberates in my head for the next three years, until Rihanna assist us, the other” song joked a third of the Internet users.

Another person insteadand said that , in contrast to other artists, Rihanna has managed to be ‘trending topic‘just a few words to repeat.