Rihanna says that his album is R9 already finished, but you denied him

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How much time has passed since the last time Rihanna he drew new music? Exactly three years, 10 months and 25 days, after the singer put on Anti 2016 and by this time, we are blessed with Fenty Beauty (thanks for the 50 shades of base) and her latest hit, Savage x-Code (Hello new VSFW). And Yes, we are grateful, but WE URGENTLY NEED THE NEW ALBUM.

Although Rihanna knows that all his fans are eager to listen, on the ninth delivery of the musical, the 22. December decided to give us the news R9 to be honest, we did not expect, nor deserve, to get.

“Update: I hear alone, to cast R9 and negándome,” he wrote in a video posted on Instagram, where he moved a puppy head in the rhythm Jump Around of House of Pain. And although the video is really cute and funny, we ask ourselves, what are you trying to say? what is left us to wait longer?

Exactly one year ago, a fan asked on Instagram when R9 would, to which she replied “2019”. Why is this video perhaps a kind of preparation for a possible introduction in the next few days?

Said in the beginning of the year, the interpreter of the work, in an interview that her next album inspiration Reggae would have.

“Not typical for what you know of reggae. But you will feel the elements on all tracks,” he said. “Reggae is always feels good for me. It is in my blood. No matter how far you grew up from this culture, or of the environment in which I; never. It is always the same height. Although I have explored other genres of music, it was at the time, again something you actually don’t, I concentrated fully for a body of work”.

The clock is ticking and he has only seven days to 2019, what are you waiting for Rih?