Shakira fragrances is not changed by the anti-bacterial gel for the support in the time of the coronavirus | Shows Awakens America

francisca, welcome

the house we would like to inform

to all of you, a reality

the cases of the coronavirus

contiúan on the rise and also

acts of kindness.

in this ocasón a very

love for all of us


announces exits

produccón of your perfumes but

all for a good cause.

the Colombian singer and her

partners began to

produccón a gel

anti-bacterial for a donation to the

government of Spain,

and entreárselo the citizens

for use as a

prevencón of the coronavirus.

carlos: qé good mood. is a

multi-national has worked

with compías such as prada,

carolina herrera, and expected to

this has inspired other companies to

to help the accession

the poblacón, all of these


multi-million-dollar-and this

entrepreneurs billionaires

with a thunder of two can

help so many people

this act

I’m sure it was the idea

shakira. is a incentive,

huge . so many actors and

characters here