The “infidelity” of Shakira in, than the Bvb

For months, the Spanish press shows a poor relationship between Shakira and her husband Gerard Piqué. Also, you are assured to disconnect.

On the same day, Shakira conquered the world with her appearance in the Super Bowl, the singer also celebrated his birthday 43, but her husband shone by its absence in social networks, because not even dedicated to him a greeting.

From this point, the rumors are, when the couple was started by a crisis, there are even versions in the press, claiming that the singer is a actor, and there is even a photo circulating in social networks.

On the photo you see to kiss clearly on the singer, with man in the sea. Although it might Like a picture of your next video clip to Me.

What is true is that this couple keeps his private life away from social networks as well as recently, they were caught in a park of Barcelona by a day with their children.

Although local media in Spanish to make sure that Shakira wants to leave Spain and take their children, the photos show exactly the opposite.

Shakira and Piqué more than 8 years now. How many other celebrities have confirmed in the past through difficult times in their relationship, but it is precisely in this moment, none of the two has a separation.

So, certainly, this actor, with whom he lives Shakira only in the imagination of the Internet.