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The 62 edition of the annual ceremony of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Recording of the united States: Grammy Awardsthe past 26 of January, he left as a result a wave of fans by congratulating the young singer Billie Eilish for its five awards. Among them, best new artist, song of the year and album of the year for his disc When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Golaunched in march of 2019.

Latest award that he left, also, and in contrast, the sad face of one of the singers more alternatives known in the pop culture and the era of the streaming: Lana del Rey.

Although there is no way of knowing it, the fans of the american singer took to the social networks that such expression was due to “lack of recognition” to the talent and last album Of the King: Norman F*** Rockwellmaking allusion to the famous american painter with a mention obscene.

This sound production the co-produced with Jack Antonoff (also producer of Loverdisc , recent Taylor Swift) and that the critique pointed out as the best work of the singer until the time.

In fact, in its survey prior to the night of the awards of the Grammy, the weekly magazine u.s. Billboardspecializing in information about the music industry, recorded that Lana del Rey won the 39.3% of the votes compared to Billie Eilish (17,83 %) to the question of who deserved the coveted award for the best album of the year 2020.

But, what makes it so special is the fifth studio recording of the lead singer of indie pop, and gained the recognition in 2012 for his album Born To Die along with its ballad content melancholy Video Games?


Norman F*** Rockwell is an essay about the american life and what it means to be american in a time of social upheaval in front of the new administration of the country. An album of fourteen songs of protest, poetic and prophetic, showing the refinement of the character full of sadness and rebellion that created Elizabeth Grant (name of stack of the artist) with his alter-ego Lizzy Grant, before becoming a phenomenon mainstream since 2012.

“Kanye West is blind and gone (Kanye West is blind and lost)”, she sings Of the King in one of the outstanding tracks of your production: The Greatest, referring to the political support that the rapper and husband of Kim Kardashian has expressed in favour of the administration of the president 45 of the united States: Donald Trump.

Both Time as The New York Times redefined the artist, through his work, as someone who “won a depth that is unexpected based on the nostalgia american who embraced and criticized, acquiring a space more dark within the culture”.

Your disc is also the continuation of the discourse that was created from the Born To Die, granting, as a last gift, the concept of being more ‘ honest ‘femme fatale’ that exists in pop culture. One that combines the irreverence of female against the moral codes of the world with its consequences are realistic: the depression and the questioning of their own. (E)