The video Tik Tok by Selena Gomez from the he charmed the internet

Now Tik Tok has become the refuge of all (well, some), while boring to be at home the whole day, celebrities have also begun to look at this phenomenon. One of them was Selena Gomez but it doesn’t seem that their income was in the social network so good of the whole, because it a video, that he raptured the internet… And we, without understanding why.

Is to took advantage of that, while at home the actress to your first dance Tik Tok which told that the little next to him taught to do it, as an expert in the dances and this is where you move in the rhythm Say-So of Doja Cata challenge which has become viral among fans, dances of Tik Tok, it was very criticized.

Selena Gomez will dance, but many of his fans, haters and non-haters began to write in the comments that I look ridiculous, because I had to learn to dance and that lucia is very uncoordinated, write something that you created, on his followers to him angry I fact, what is evil?

And now, after all, it seems that the Tik Tokers are still very rough in terms of the challenges dance be prepared, because if a person does not have the power like you want to say, which are wrong and can’t dance. Finally, Selena he did not so bad, but surely there is something more behind these comments full of hatred. Don’t you think? Or you really want the singer of ‘Loose You To Love Me’ Yes, did it very badly?